Lighting Solutions

At Fast Electrical, nothing brings us greater joy than illuminating your homes! We offer electrical services for a wide range of lighting varieties and ensure seamless operation whenever you flick the switch on. You can call on our services across Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

The Fast Electrical Advantage

Fast Electrical offers expert installation services, ensuring reliable and functional lighting performance for residential and commercial properties. Our skilled electricians will handle all aspects to efficiently install, diagnose, repair, and maintain electrical wiring and equipment involved in lighting assembly.

Our certified electricians follow safe installation practices, including proper grounding of electrical systems, to prevent electrical shocks and other hazards. Electricians must constantly upgrade their skills with the rapid evolution of lighting design and application technology. We keep our technicians up to date at Fast Electrical to ensure your lighting fixture is handled by the best in the business.


Serving in Melbourne with the highest customer satisfaction rate. We believe in quality and trust to maintain a long-lasting relationship.


We are the local electricians you can count on for any electrical service. Our qualified and experienced team can handle any request you have for them.


We have made Electrical projects easy with On-Site Quotes. Get free quotes from trusted and verified Electricians.

Types of Lighting Solutions We Service

We cater to a broad spectrum of LED product categories for all your requirements.

LED Downlights

LED downlights consume around 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent light and approximately 30% less energy than CFL lights. By reducing your energy consumption, they help you reduce your power bills substantially. Besides, LED downlights run anywhere between 30,000-50,000 hours depending on the LED product type, making them a highly cost-effective choice.

LED Downlights Installation

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a type of lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling by a cord, a chain, or a rod. These are excellent for accent and customised task lighting and can highlight specific areas or objects in a room. Despite their small size, pendant lights can produce a broad spectrum of light that can easily illuminate a large-sized room.

Pendant Lights Installation

Sensor Lights

Motion detectors can be the best and most cost-effective tool for home protection. Many types of motion detectors range from simple motion-activated lights to passive infrared sensors that detect body heat. Whether you’re living in a massive home with an enormous yard or a quiet little townhouse, there is a motion detector that is perfect for the area you need to cover.

Sensor Lights Installation

Flood Lights

If you need to illuminate a large area beyond the confines of your residential or commercial space, flood lights are just the thing for you. LED floodlights use about 90% less electricity than regular lights. Also, they are free from various toxic elements such as carbon, mercury, lead, or glass, making them one of the most competent electrical appliances that encourage sustainability and savings.

Flood Lights Installation

Dimmable Lights

Bored with the same lighting intensity around you? Dimmable lights allow you to adjust your lighting strength according to your requirements. Dimmable LED lights can cut power consumption by up to 80% compared to incandescent bulbs and other lighting options. They also effectively reduce glare and eye strain as they can be modulated accordingly.

Dimmable Lights Installation


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Why Choose Us for Your Lighting Solutions in Melbourne

At Fast Electrical, we install, maintain, and repair electrical lighting systems, equipment, and fixtures, ensuring that all installations function following relevant codes. Our electricians can advise homeowners and businesses on energy-efficient lighting and electrical solutions.

We work closely with other stakeholders and professionals, like architects or building contractors, to ensure the seamless integration of electrical systems in buildings. This helps us understand the structural nuances of buildings and design our services from the ground up.
Our dedicated team of qualified electrical experts at Fast Electrical ensure that all work is carried out safely, adhering to the most stringent safety standards. We will design your lighting systems or circuits, prioritising energy efficiency, safety, and usability.



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